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The Center for Program and Policy Evaluation (CPPE) has been established in 2004 by expert's team in order to promote and to apply the progressive methods of performance evaluation, results and outcomes evaluation of the public policies and measures implementation, and regulatory impact assessment.
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Dmitry Sobol
Dmitry Sobol
1. Position
  • Center for Program and Policy Evaluation, Head of perspective projects department ;

  • 2. Education
  • main – Master of Economics (Master’s degree program «Mathematical methods of economic analysis»), Moscow Lomonosov State University(2004-2006);

  • additional – Postgraduate study (spec. 08.00.05 «Economics and a national economy management»), National Research University – Higher School of Economics. Subject of candidate’s degree thesis «Evaluation of the Regulatory Impact: Methodology and Methodological Attitudes» (defense is planned in the beginning of 2010) ;

  • 3. Specialist field and qualification according to education: Master of Economics, Bachelor of Economics

    4. Academic title: -

    5. Work experience: total – 6 years, by profession – 6 years.

    6. Information on participation in projects:
    6.1 Scientific Research Work «Guideline development and organization of monitoring process and estimation of competitive environment condition and basic indicators of its change», 2009, on commission for the Ministry for economic development of the Russian Federation.
    6.2 Scientific Research Work «The analysis and impact assessment, development of scientific and methodical recommendations for improving the mechanisms for the implementation of programs «UMNIK» and «START», 2009, on commission for Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in science and technology»
    6.3 Research «Advancing regulatory impact assessment in North Ossetia – Alania Republic», 2009, on commission for the World Bank.
    6.4 Project «Development of a Set of Measures to Stimulate Diversification of the Economy», 2008-2009, on commission for the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.
    6.5 Project «Monitoring Progress in the Implementation of the State Program of Assistance in Voluntary Resettlement into the Russian Federation of Compatriots, Living Abroad, into Settlement Territories in 2007-2009», on commission for the Federal Migration Service (FMS Russia).
    6.6 Project «Preparing analytical materials and drafting legislative and other regulatory acts regarding the development of small and medium business», 2007, on commission for the Moscow Department of Small Business Support and Development.
    6.7 Project «Financial and economic substantiation of standards of organizations developed in the power sector», 2006-2008, on commission for RAO UES of Russia.
    6.8 Project «Development of methods for the regulatory impact assessment of the adoption of new and evaluation of existing legislations in the sphere of the state industrial policy», 2006, on commission for the Ministry of Industry and Energy.
    6.9. Project «Analysis of the State of Technical Regulation System and Development of Recommendations on its Improvement, Development of Recommendations to Develop and Prepare for Passage Draft Technical Regulations»,2006, on commission for the Ministry of Industry and Energy.
    6.10 Project «Harmonization of Legislative Norms on Competition», 2005-2007, the project is financed by the Europe Aid Program (formerly TACIS), project beneficiary – the Russian Federal Anti-Monopoly Service.
    6.11 Project «Analysis of Possibilities of Application of Self-Regulation Mechanisms in the Individual Sectors of the Economy for the Development, Adoption, Application and Meeting of Requirements on a Voluntary Basis and Evaluation of Compliance», 2005, on commission for the Russian Ministry of Industry and Energy.
    6.12 Project «Economic deregulation and removal of administrative barriers. Russian Federation», 2004-2005, the project is financed by the Europe Aid Program, project beneficiary - the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation.
    6.13 «Research into proven methods of analysis of regulatory impact in member countries of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development», 2003 on commission for the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

    7. Other information:
    7.1. Selected publication:
    - The life cycle of small business / ed. by Shestoperov O.M. – Ì.: the «Liberal Mission» Foundation, New Literary Review, 2009. 336 pp. (co-authored with Yermilova G., Smirnov N.)
    - The problems of legal regulation of key importance for the development of the sector micro enterprise and small business / / National Institute for System Studies Enterprise, Russian Microfinance Center - Moscow: 2007 (co-authored with Shamray A.A.)
    - Delivering courses on the regulatory impact assessment: international experience and practice of Russia // Politanaliz.Ru, 05.03.08 E-document (co-authored with Tsygankov D.B.)
    - Development of procedures for evidence of the necessity of state or other interference in the economy and procedures for periodic evaluation of the regulatory measures effectiveness / / National Institute for System Studies Enterprise - M.: 2005. E-document (co-authored with Buev V.V., Kryuchkova P.V., Litvak E.G., Migin S.V., Stepanyuk K.V., Smirnov N.V., Shamray A.A.)
    - Improving the decisions quality in the sphere of state regulation of business. Regulatory Impact Assessment – IMC Consulting Ltd. M.: 2005. E-document (co-authored with Litvak E.G., Migin S.V., Shamray A.A., Kurtov O.A.)
    - Typical training program «Evaluation of the Regulatory Impact» for Master’s degree programs of the SU-HSE. E-document (co-authored with Belyaev A.N., Tsygankov D.B.)

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