The Center for Program and Policy Evaluation
The Center for Program and Policy Evaluation (CPPE) has been established in 2004 by expert's team in order to promote and to apply the progressive methods of performance evaluation, results and outcomes evaluation of the public policies and measures implementation, and regulatory impact assessment.
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The annual Conference of the Russian Association of Specialists in Program and Policy Evaluation (ASPPE) will take place on October 16-17, 2019 in Moscow.

XXI INCOSAI will be held from September 23 to September 29, 2019.

Our services:
1) Research in the following directions:
  • Financial-economic assessment (technological standards, standards of organizations);

  • Evaluation of effectiveness in the spheres of science, technologies and education;

  • Regulatory impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation of legislation;

  • Marketing, social and political researches;

  • Mobilization of target groups through social networks including entrants’ mobilization for Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs;

  • Political analytics;

  • Evaluation af corporate programs and projects (social, educational, informational/ public relations, etc).

  • 2) Analysis in the following directions:
  • Description of the present course of program and its actual outcomes

  • Exposure and analyses of external factors (political, economic, etc.)

  • Assessment (forecast) of the actual level of success of the decision (event), according to the targets set up by the commissioner;

  • Assessment of the controlling system performance, including success criteria system and its adequacy to the identified targets;

  • Development of using potential of evaluation and monitoring in organizations;

  • Economic and cost-benefit analysis.

  • 3) Recommendations development in the following directions:
  • Reformulation of the political decision (event) to hit the identified targets;

  • Legislation modernization;

  • Adjustment of program's draft and schedule;

  • Enhancing performance of the controlling system for the decision-making/ event implementation;

  • Projects cycle management of state policies and programs.

  • 4) Educational services:
  • Short run modules/ courses of additional education (design and realization) for civil servants and nonprofit organizations’ representatives, including courses of program evaluation and RIA courses;

  • Webinars, seminars, courses, incl. ones abroad in cooperation with CPPE partners (Bern, Saarbrucken, Maastricht, etc.);

  • Audit and monitoring academic subjects including design curriculum second and third generation standards.

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