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The Center for Program and Policy Evaluation (CPPE) has been established in 2004 by expert's team in order to promote and to apply the progressive methods of performance evaluation, results and outcomes evaluation of the public policies and measures implementation, and regulatory impact assessment.
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Daniel Tsygankov
Daniel Tsygankov
1. Position
  • Center for Program and Policy Evaluation, Deputy Head;

  • National Research University – Higher School of Economics. Professor of Chair for Public Administration Theory and Practice.

  • 2. Education
  • main – higher, Faculty of Sociology of St. Petersburg State University (1993);

  • additional – Faculty of Sociology of the University of Bielefeld, Germany (1996-1999) and faculty of Political Science of the University of Berlin, Germany (2000-2002);

  • further – three modules of "Nachdiplom Evaluation" at the University of Bern, Switzerland (2007-2008).

  • 3. Specialist field and qualification according to education: Sociologist, Sociologist-Economist

    4. Academic title: PhD in Sociology (St. Petersburg State University, 1997)

    5. Work experience: total – 17 years, by profession – 11 years.

    6. Information on participation in projects:
    6.1 Project “Work out of Methodological Approaches for Performance Measurement of Stimulation Programs of Innovative Scientific Research and Design and Experimental Projects, Analysis of its Practicability and Pilot Approbation of Implementation of such Approaches”, 2008, on commission from the Fund of Support of Small Enterprises in scientific-technical sphere;
    6.2 Research Work “Development of regulatory framework for efficiency evaluation of state scientific organizations performance conducting scientific research”, 2006, on commission from the Federal Agency for Science and Innovations;
    6.3 Scientific Research Work "Monitoring of the legislation implementation in the Russian Federation aimed at the impact evaluation of the measures targeting the reduction of administrative intervention in the economy on the promotion of entrepreneurship, including small businesses", 2005, on commission from the Department of State Regulation in Economics of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade;
    6.4. Scientific Research Work “Evaluation of Security Cost in Electric Power Industry during Implementation of Standards (Technical Regulation)”, 2005, on commission from the Fund of Support of Regulatory Initiatives.

    7. Other information:
    7.1 Member of DegEVal - Evaluation Society (from 2005), European Evaluation Society (from 2000), International Sociology ***ociation (from 2006), Impact Evaluation Social Network (from 2009);
    7.2 Scientific Superviser of Moscow Colloquium "Program and Policy Evaluation: Methodology and Implementation" (Moscow, from 2004);
    7.3 Lecturung at SU-HSE the following disciplines "Analysis and Evaluation of State Programs and Field Policies", "Evaluation of Programs, Sectoral Policies and RIA" (from 2005);
    7.4. Editor of the collections works of materials: Colloquium "Program and policy evaluation: methodology and application" (Vol. I, 2006; Vol. II and Vol. III, 2007; Vol. IV, 2008);
    7.5. Selected publication:
    - Integrating evaluation in the practice of Russia's Public Sector / Program Evaluation: Methodology and Practice // ed. by Kuzmin, A., O'Sullivan, R., Kosheleva, N. - Moscow, 2009. – p.170-192.
    - Delivering courses on the regulatory impact ***essment: international experience and practice of Russia // Politanaliz.Ru, 05.03.08. (co-authored with Dmitry Sobol)
    - Rossiysky politico-upravlenchesky cikl: deficity podhodov k ocenivaniu / Ocenka politik i novaya politicheskaya ekonomiya: instrumenty analiza ekonomicheskih reform // pod red. A.N.Dankova i D.B.Tsygankova. – M.: CEMI RAN, 2006. p. 5-12. [Russian policy cycle: evaluation approach’s deficits].
    - Ocenivanie v gosudarstvennoy politike Rossii: novy mehanizm dlya vozdeistviya gosudarstva? / Gosudarstvennoe upravlenie v XXI veke: tradicii i innovacii: Materiali 4-i ejegodnoy mejdunarodnoy konferencii na fakultete gosudarstvennogo upravlenia MGU im. M.V.Lomonosova, 24-26.05.2006. – M., 2006. p. 343-346.
    - Izmerenie effektivnosti i ocenivanie v gosudarstvennom upravlenii: mejdunarodny opit: preprint GU-VSHE WP8/2005/01 / Belyaev A.N., Kuznetsova E.S., Smirnova M.V., Tsygankov D.B. – M.: Publishing House SU-HSE, 2005. [Performance measurement and evaluation in public sector: international experience]
    - Vozmojnie podhodi k ocenivaniu effektivnosti upravlenia v regione “naznachennim” gubernatorom: obzor i interpretacia mejdunarodnogo opita // Informacionno-analiticheskoe obespechenie gosudarstvennogo upravlenia: teoria i praktika: Trudy 2 Vserossiiskoi nauchno-prakticheskoi konferencii 19-20.05.2005. – M.: INION RAN, 2006. p. 392-394.
    - Ocenivaya effektivnost reformi: novie tehnologii optimizacii gosudarstvennogo upravlenia // Vestnik aktualnih prognozov, M., November 2004, ą11, p. 26-29.[Evaluating of reform's effectiveness: new technologies for public administration's optimization]
    7.5. Regular reports (from 2004) on aspects of embedding the evaluation institute into public administration – in Russian, German and English in Russia (MSU, SU-HSE, INION, SPbSU) and abroad (Germany, UK, Switzerland, Kazakhstan).

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