The Center for Program and Policy Evaluation
The Center for Program and Policy Evaluation (CPPE) has been established in 2004 by expert's team in order to promote and to apply the progressive methods of performance evaluation, results and outcomes evaluation of the public policies and measures implementation, and regulatory impact assessment.
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The annual Conference of the Russian Association of Specialists in Program and Policy Evaluation (ASPPE) will take place on October 16-17, 2019 in Moscow.

XXI INCOSAI will be held from September 23 to September 29, 2019.

CPPE Scientific activities
1. Regular reports at conferences and colloquiums in Russia and abroad, including:
• Moscow State University (2006, 2007);
• Center for Strategic Research (2005, 2007)
• State University - Higher School of Economics (2004-2007);
• Institute for Scientific Information on Social Sciences (2004-2008);
• St. Petersburg State University (2004, 2007)
• Essen and Saarbridge, Germany (2005, 2007);
• Almaty, Kazakhstan (2005);
• London, United Kingdom (2006);
• Bern, Switzerland (2007, 2008).

2. 2006-2008 - Moscow evaluation colloquium (joint with State University - Higher School of Economics), publication of four collection’s books of the colloquium (about 1000 pages);

3. 2006 – joint digest with CEMI RAS «Policy Evaluation and New Political Economy: Analysis Instruments of Economic Reforms» (joint with Central economical-mathematical institute of Russian Academy of Sciences);

4. 2005 –preprint «Performance Measurement and Evaluation in Public Administration: International Experience» (joint with Higher School of Economics);

5. Since 2004 – dozens of articles and comments in Russian magazines, conference digests, newspapers and online-media;

6. CPPE supports a specialized non-commercial Internet-project Politanaliz.Ru – with hundreds of articles, materials and records on relevant topics.

7. The collection of translations of main national associations evaluation standards (USA, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland) is being prepared for publication – beginning of 2008;

8. Articles sent to American and German professional journals, publication – 2008.
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