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The Center for Program and Policy Evaluation (CPPE) has been established in 2004 by expert's team in order to promote and to apply the progressive methods of performance evaluation, results and outcomes evaluation of the public policies and measures implementation, and regulatory impact assessment.
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The second annual conference of the Russian Association of Specialists in Program and Policy Evaluation (ASPPE) will take place on October 5-7, 2016 in Novosibirsk.

This year's conference «Evaluation and Methods» will be held September 15- 17, 2010 in Centre d’ etudes sur la situation des jeunes (CESIJE), Luxemburg.

Conference Committee and IPEN Board are sorry to inform that the 10th IPEN Conference "Design and Implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems" in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, on September 23-25, 2010, won't be held in its traditional format.

The group of consultants from World Bank is led by Daniel Tsygankov in a project of RIA introduction.
November 14, 2008. World Bank starts a new project "Introduction of Regulatory Impact Assessment tools in North Ossetia" within the bounds of the "Cooperation program for consolidation of public administration system in the South Russia".

Daniel Tsygankov became a leader of the World Bank consultants’ group in this pilot project. Project duration is 7 months (from November 2008 to April 2009).

The project tasks:
  • to evaluate current tools and approaches to RIA in North Ossetia;

  • to organize trainings for civil servants, who are involved in management of legal and regulatory base in North Ossetia and do it according to best international practice of RIA implementation, which suits to Russian regional reality;

  • to help in improvement of current RIA approaches in this region, to support in perfection of methodology, which is useful in different situations

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